Bảo hộ bụng Title Black Pro Body Protector

Giáp Bảo Hộ Bụng Võ thuật tự do MMA Muay Thai Kick Boxing Quyền Anh Title Black Pro Body ProtectorDa...

Giáp Bảo Hộ Bụng Võ thuật tự do MMA Muay Thai Kick Boxing Quyền Anh Title Black Pro Body Protector

  • Da thật nguyên tấm với công nghệ cắt king-cut chính các tuyệt đối
  • Lớp đệm gồm 1 lớp hấp thụ lực và 2 phản lực cao  tăng khả năng phòng thủ vượt trội trước các cú đá, đấm, lên gối, cùi chỏ
  • Lót thoáng khí và hút ẩm
  • Khóa dán chống trơn tuột

The Ingenuity To Outperform The TITLE BLACK equipment line takes you to the max with precision "king cut" double-ply full grain leathers, brilliant and luxurious patent leathers and extra deep pile suede leathers that complement each other in a rich compilation of premier quality, clout and exclusive membership. This exclusive nearly full coverage pro body protector is crafted with a technical assemblage of almost 1" of hi-impact contact foam and lo-impact protecting foam sandwiched around a shock absorbing mid-layer for unbelievable coverage and impeccable performance. Precisely contoured to wrap the body with impeccable fit. The inside liner is adorned with a custom sheath of moisture wicking performance textile composition that extends members a cool, fresh and nearly dry workout with no hassles. Take all punches, strikes, kicks, knees and contact with little to almost no feel on the body. Fully adjustable shoulder straps and back cross strap for a custom fit with no movement during training. Distributed by TheGioiBoxing.com

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